Help for Taxi Drivers

If you are a taxi driver, or potential taxi driver, then you are likely at some stage to come across the taxi licencing sub committee. This might be when you first apply for a licence or if you are facing disciplinary proceedings.

Appearing before the committee can be a stressful experience. Hamer Childs have a long history of helping people appearing before the committee and can help you.

Any potential taxi licence applicant is required to show that they are a fit and proper person. This is not as easy as it sounds. For example, even if you have no previous convictions but have a recording relating to a DBS search, then this could place your application in jeopardy.

It is always advisable to ask Hamer Childs to help at an early stage, however, even you if have not been successful before the licencing sub committee then there is an avenue of appeal to the Magistrates’ Court which can be pursued and Hamer Childs can help you with this. Hamer Childs can draft and lodge the appeal notice for you and represent you during the course of the proceedings should you so wish.

Legal Aid is not available for these proceedings, however, Hamer Childs will assist with a more than competitive fixed fee arrangement.

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