Help with Saving your Driving Licence

Hamer Childs appreciate that times are tough and that the loss of your driving licence and consequent loss of your job could be devastating to you and your family. With this in mind Hamer Childs will do their best to help you keep your driving licence. We do this in a number of ways:-

  • First, we consider whether or not you are guilty or not guilty of the offence(s) with which you are charged. If at all possible we will help secure an acquittal (a finding of not guilty) on your behalf. If successful you will keep your licence.
  • Secondly, if you plead guilty or are found guilty after trial we then need to consider whether any disqualification that you face is either on an ‘obligatory’ (must be disqualified) basis or on a ‘penalty points’ basis. In the case of an obligatory or penalty points disqualification a Court does not have to disqualify you or endorse your licence (with the particulars of your offence) for an endorsable offence if it finds a ‘special reason’ for not disqualifying or endorsing.
  • Thirdly, in the case of a penalty points disqualification (totting up) the Court similarly has a discretion not to impose a disqualification, or to impose a shorter period of disqualification than would otherwise be the case, where it is satisfied that there are grounds for mitigating (reducing) the normal consequences of your conviction. The most common way to do this is to argue ‘mitigating circumstances’ by way of ‘exceptional hardship’. ‘Exceptional’ means out of the ordinary and can relate to such things as loss of employment coupled with the knock on consequences of this, exceptional hardship to family members, or exceptional hardship to your employer or others.

Hamer Childs specialise particularly in drink driving and associated offences and speeding offences.

Hamer Childs provide a FREE initial consultation to discuss ways that we can help you save your driving licence, either by way of telephone or appointment.

Motoring matters are not generally matters which attract legal aid unless they are imprisonable (which most motoring matters are not). Hamer Childs therefore provide the choice between instructing us on a time/cost basis or a fixed fee basis. Please see our funding page for further details.

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