Help at the Police Station

The most important part of any case is what happens at the Police Station. Government figures show that only around half of all people who attend at the Police Station ask to be represented. This is a big mistake, especially as such representation is free. Over the years we have asked people why they have not asked for representation  at the Police Station  by Hamer Childs. Here are the seven biggest mistakes that such people make. Do not be one of them.

1. Thinking you will get out of the Police Station quicker if you don’t ask for Hamer Childs.

When you ask for Hamer Childs you will be contacted straight away and we will give you immediate advice on the telephone. It may even be that one of our solicitors is already at the Police Station. If not,
in normal circumstances, we will be at the Police Station within minutes of being asked to attend. We have solicitors who live in Worcester, Bromsgrove and Stourport – all near to local Police stations in Worcester, Redditch and Kidderminster. We won’t make you wait

If you have been asked to attend the Police Station by appointment, then simply contact us beforehand and we will attend with you.

2.Thinking you don’t need Hamer Childs because you haven’t done anything wrong.

Obviously someone thinks you have or you wouldn’t be at the Police Station. The law can be complex and even if you think you haven’t done anything wrong yourself, it could be that you have still broken the law. A solicitor from Hamer Childs will tell you exactly where you stand and give you the best advice on the way forward.

3.Thinking you don’t need Hamer Childs because you just want to get on with it and admit it.

Again, the law can be complex and you may have a perfectly good defence when you think you have done something wrong yourself. You will need advice on this. Alternatively, you may be eligible for a caution or warning and need advice on this. You may also need solicitor to help you get bail if you are charged with an offence. If so, then having a solicitor at the Police Station stage is a definite advantage, as all of our clients will tell you.

4.Thinking you don’t need Hamer Childs because you are going to go “no comment”

It is always a mistake to go “no comment” without good reason. Going “no comment” without good reason could make it harder to fight your case in Court. Only a solicitor will be able to tell you if this is appropriate advice. In the recent past, we have dealt with a number of clients who have gone “no comment” without legal advice and this has harmed their case.

5.Thinking you had no right to ask for Hamer Childs.

You can. It’s your legal right to speak to a solicitor at any time while you’re at the Police Station.

6.Thinking you can’t afford advice from Hamer Childs.

Police Station advice is Free no matter how much you earn. You don’t have to pay thing.

7. Thinking you don’t want to disturb us late at night or on the weekend.

Giving legal advice is our business. We operate a 24/7 – 365 days a year Police Station service for free. It makes no difference to us whether we give advice during the night time or during the weekend or bank holidays. But it could make a big difference to you.

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